PSG’s Mbappe Carries Team Against Dortmund as Champions League 2023-2024 Begins

Dortmund is having a poor start to this year’s football season. After 4 rounds in the German Championship (Bundesliga), Dortmund only has 8 points, temporarily ranked 7th. However, PSG is not much better. The French capital team also has only 8 points after 6 matches and is temporarily ranked 5th on the rankings.

As a guest on PSG’s field, Dortmund only fears one thing: Kylian Mbappe. PSG now only has Kylian Mbappe. Without the French star, the standards of the rich French football team would probably drop even lower.

Mbappe is truly excellent. Since returning to the PSG squad, he has been like a tractor driving PSG forward. However, “one swallow cannot make spring”, Mbappe cannot carry PSG match after match.

Last weekend, Mbappe scored 2 goals but PSG still accepted a 2-3 defeat against Nice. The great things Mbappe did on PSG’s attack were destroyed by his teammates on defense. PSG has a terrible defense, absolutely should not be on a big team and has championship ambitions.

Obviously, this could not be a more favorable opportunity for Dortmund to make a difference against PSG. But the problem is how they must prevent Mbappe’s explosion.

It took 20 years for Newcastle to return to the Champions League. Yet the “shots” have to immediately face AC Milan – the most successful Italian team in this arena. And they just advanced to the semi-finals last season. Having convincingly won a place in the Champions League by appearing in the top 4 of the English Premier League last season, however, Newcastle made fans nervous when entering the big ocean.

This season, the St James’ Park home team has not had any notable personnel additions. Newcastle’s playing style was imitated by their opponents, leading to an unsatisfactory start to this year’s football season. With its current strength, it is difficult to ask Newcastle to play well in the Champions League.

The only thing fans are waiting for is the Newcastle players’ desire to express themselves. Teams that have just returned to the Champions League often play very hotly and easily cause surprises. Yet, AC Milan is not in good spirits as they lost to city rival Inter Milan 1-5 in Seria A last weekend.

In addition to these two matches, fans cannot miss other notable matches such as Barca – Antwerp, Lazio – Atletico Madrid, or Man City – Crvena Zvezda. Among them, the most unpredictable is the encounter between Lazio – Atletico Madrid. At this time, after many personnel changes, Atletico Madrid is only equal to Lazio in terms of strength.

In other matches, experts predict that victory will be difficult to escape from Barca and Man City.

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