The scenario of Manchester United transferring ownership was instantly transformed after signing two record contracts.

Nearly a year has passed since the Glazer family announced their bid to take over Manchester United. But until now, no agreement has been signed.

The two most prominent candidates for the position of new boss of MU are Qatari prince Sheikh Jassim and INEOS group, led by Britain’s richest billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe. However, according to Mirror, although both of these bidders sent offers, with the Qataris bidding up to 6 billion pounds, the Glazer family inexplicably hesitated to sell.

But it seems like the story could get even worse according to the latest update from Football Transfers. Specifically, this source said that the price of 6 billion pounds is now a thing of the past.

The Glazer family is expected to change the asking price to £10 billion. The reason comes from the fact that MU successfully signed two major sponsorship contracts with Adidas and Qualcomm this summer.

According to Daily Mail, these are the shirt and chest logo sponsorship contracts with the highest record value in the Premier League ever. That proves that MU’s commercial appeal is still terrible.

In addition, the two huge contracts just signed are also proof that Man Utd will still be the most profitable sports brand in the world for many years to come. Therefore, the Glazer family actually has no reason to sell their “huge assets” so they did not hesitate to increase the club’s selling price to 10 billion pounds.

Therefore, the situation of taking over Man Utd may continue to become complicated for a while longer. But if we continue to wait too long without progress, it is possible that Sheik Jassim or even INEOS will withdraw from the race to gain ownership of MU.

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